" WHO AM I "
Art Director/Founder

One PerChen毕业于英国伦敦艺术大学插画专业,并在中央圣马丁学习一年服装设计,在伦敦期间拥有在多处独立设计师品牌的实习经验。现成立 ONE PERCHEN Studio从事视觉设计与艺术教育。

One PerChen is an illustrator and founder of ONE PERCHEN Studio. Her art studio is now based in Vancouver. She received her BA Fashion imaging and Illustration degree from University of the Arts London (LCF). Also studied womenswear at Central Saint Martins for a year. During her time in London, She gained various internship experiences within fashion industry such as SAMUEL GUÌ YANG and SHOWstudio gallery.




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